The Moorings brings new water purifier on board!


Thanks to an innovative water purification technology, The Moorings now offers across its global operations drinking water directly from the tap. Staying properly hydrated is a vital need, especially in the tropics. So doing so without having to carry dozens of packs of water and saving our planet the production and recycling of thousands of plastic bottles, deserves special attention! 


When we look at the subject of water consumed on board our boats, the figures quickly become remarkable. The amount of water our bodies need varies according to our age, body shape, diet and weather conditions. But in the sunny climate that most of our bases enjoy, the recommendation when provisioning is to allow 1.5 litres of water per day per person. With almost 100,000 guests relying on The Moorings for at least a week's sailing each year, the one million litres of drinking water required is quickly reached. Given that some of you sail for two or three weeks, the one million plastic bottles at stake are inevitably consumed.

We are well aware that getting rid of this pollution will not solve the much more global ecological problem we face. But at The Moorings, we believe that every action counts and that it is the sum of initiatives like these that will, as quickly as possible, significantly reduce our impact on the environment.




What we are also sure of is that we are saving you dozens of kilograms of lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying at arm's length. And forget about the headache of finding a place for all that volume of water! 

The increasing presence of water makers on board our boats, which has made the freshwater resource on board almost limitless, was undoubtedly the spark that allowed this project to see the light of day. The water coming from the osmosis process is in fact perfectly pure, H2O in the strict sense chemically speaking. It does not even contain any trace elements, unlike the mineral waters that can be found in the shops, so if we drank it directly, we would have to ensure that we had an even more varied diet to compensate. But on board our yachts, it is actually fed into the usual freshwater tanks.



We have therefore placed a water purifier between these and an additional tap in the galley. The large refrigerators on our power catamarans are also connected to the water purifier. This is not a simple filter, but a technology developed by General Ecology called "Structured Matrix" which, without chemicals or electricity, eliminates all microbiological risks and chemical contamination, and produces water that is as crystal clear as it is drinkable.

Also, the pressure at the outlet of the sophisticated tap provides a flow rate of 7.6 litres per minute, so no one will have to wait longer than necessary to fill their personal water bottle. Finally, the cartridge installed under the sink has a purification capacity of 8,000 litres, so it will take more than a hundred weeks of sailing before it has to be replaced. 

Of the 700 units in our fleet, more than a hundred are already equipped with this water purifier. It represents a real improvement for the comfort of your journeys, while significantly reducing their ecological impact. We are so convinced of this that all new Moorings catamarans are now equipped with it as standard. As we renew our fleet and retrofit the units already available, The Moorings aims to have 100% self-sufficient drinking water offered on our all of our catamarans by 2026.


The Moorings Team

Our Team includes passionate Sailors with many years of experience in Yacht Ownership Programmes.