Here's something to cheer up your summer... the Moorings 4200!

2020, a year which the whole world will remember for the COVID-19 pandemic, is drawing to a close. Although the infection statistics are still not improving as much as we all would like, hope is just around the corner, in the form of vaccinations.

Like most sectors, the sailing world has been severely affected by the close downs in many countries, particularly in terms of chartering. The good news for current the Moorings/Sunsail customers on a Yacht Ownership programme, however, is that their guaranteed revenues have been maintained throughout the year. And the good news for new, prospective customers, is that we are in the process of bringing out our brand-new catamaran, the Moorings 4200!

As you probably know, we have an exclusive rights partnership for building catamarans with the world-famous boat makers, Robertson and Caine. The blending of their technical know-how with our extensive knowledge via the feedback generated by the sale and chartering of nearly 1,500 boats over a period of nearly 30 years, has guided them in the design and construction of our latest catamaran.

So, what’s special about the Moorings 4200 and who is likely to want one? Well, the demand over last few years has been for boats, particularly catamarans which are reliable, comfortable and easy to manoeuvre, particularly with smaller crews and/or relatively little experience. The Moorings 4200 meet exactly those requirements.


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The hull design, noted for its overall solidity and its stepped hull, has initially been tested in exacting conditions of the coast of Cape Town. All the participants in the recent Vendée Globe Challenge race will testify that you don’t get much tougher conditions than those! The materials and accessories are all chosen to ensure that technical issues are kept to minimum, especially in the particularly hardwearing conditions they undergo through being chartered out to so many different clients.


This model will be of great interest to skippers wishing to take friends and family off on a comfortable cruise in warm climates. The design is light and airy. The sleeping areas are particularly spacious, and each berth has its own en-suite shower room and head. There is plenty of room for socializing not only in the cockpit but upstairs in a newly-designed and easily accessed, lounge area on the coach roof, within chatting range of the helm station.

Easy-to- manoeuvre

The boat is designed to ease steering while at sea: all the lines come back to the helm station, the electric winches powerful and strategically placed. Mooring in quiet coves and going ashore will be child’s play thanks to features like the centrally-house, remote-controlled windlass and the ultra-efficient davit system for raising and lowering the dinghy. Docking, perhaps the most accident-prone and panic-inducing operation skippers undertake, is made easier thanks to the panoramic, high level vision from the helm station and two powerful 45hb engines which ensure the boat can swivel on its axis and dock seamlessly even in the most crowded marinas.

Now is the time to look forward to 2021. As cruising may well be not only one of the pleasantest but also safest possible holiday activities, why not check out the new Moorings 4200 by paying a visit to the upcoming Boat show in April in La Grande Motte? See you there.





The Moorings Team

Our Team includes passionate Sailors with many years of experience in Yacht Ownership Programs.