Our Wonderful Bases

By far, there are no other sailing holiday companies with greater quality product than The Moorings and Sunsail offer. All of our bases are staffed with employees trained to the highest of standards in customer service and technical expertise for maintenance and upkeep of the yachts.

Identical specifications of each yacht allows for maintaining interchangeable parts compatible with various yacht models. Keeping a full inventory of spare parts at the every base allows for efficient and timely maintenance of all yachts. To attest to the newness of the yachts used in each programme, the majority of both Moorings and Sunsail yachts are operated for a maximum of 6 seasons with only limited numbers of yachts extended longer.

Almost all of the yachts are individually owned and this obligation to our owners results in a highly maintained fleet at all times.

Our bases are located where demand can sustain a full complement of permanent staff, promoting unparalleled knowledge and accountability from the highest possible standard of base facilities.



Cruise the calm waters of the Caribbean, where the British Virgin Islands grant easy, line-of-sight navigation and trade winds keep your course steady. Follow the sun to St. Lucia and drop anchor to take in the warm glow of the sunset. Find out how Grenada lives up to its nickname “The Spice Island of the Caribbean”. Spend your days shopping on the beautiful streets of St. Thomas. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled paradise of Puerto Rico’s Spanish Virgin Islands or rekindle your love for open water adventure from Antigua's historic Nelson’s Dockyard.

Discover the blissful white sands of the world-class Caribbean islands from the deck of your private state-of-the-art yacht. Look out over the jade-colored sea and breathe in the rejuvenating air fringed with the sweet aroma distinct to these outlying islands. Each sailing day waits with new surprises of hidden-away eateries, sunken caves, and rich history.

Sailors with all levels of expertise will find accommodating cruising that makes for some of the most enjoyable sailing experiences. Cruise through protected anchorages and into full-service marinas. The ever-enchanting Caribbean opens a world of possibilities, both onshore and off, with hidden coves, warm island culture, beachside dining, and unrivaled snorkeling & diving conditions.



The Americas include an array of beautiful charter destinations. Sail the Out Islands of the Bahamas and discover a sailor’s paradise in the uncrowded Abacos or explore the 120-mile long archipelago of the Exumas, where you can visit the world-famous swimming pigs.

The “off-the-beaten-path” Abacos and Exumas deliver a Bahamas vacation unlike any other, featuring uncrowded beaches, laid-back vibes, and ultimate tranquility on the water. Cruise throughout isolated cays and magnificent coral reefs, where civilization feels far away but paradise is everywhere.


Alternatively, why not head to exotic Belize, which offers awe-inspiring natural wonders and waters that beckon for adventure. The charter passages of the Americas provide visitors with both serene jaunts and vibrant city attractions. Belize’s ideal location in Central America allows visitors to bask in warm temperatures accompanied by coastal island breezes. Feast your eyes on lush exotic scenery, explore ancient Mayan ruins, and discover natural underwater beauty at its finest while snorkeling or diving along the second largest barrier reef in the world.



With seven Mediterranean charter bases, The Moorings provides ideal sailing locations to suit every taste preference. Protected waters with short passages will lead you to quick day trips between islands while longer, open-sea crossings will help you reach remote harbours unspoiled by time. Whether you choose to plan ahead or leave it to chance, you’ll find no end to what you can do in this cruising paradise.

First time visitors and seasoned sailors will find it hard to resist Greece’s captivating appeal, but Italy’s Amalfi coast offers a culture just as rich and sights just as stunning. Split your days between sea and land while island-hopping in style along Croatia’s splendid Dalmation Coast, or indulge your senses in contemporary ports balanced by historic villages in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. No matter where you dock in the Mediterranean, your holidays become Five-Star escapes you’ll never forget.



Choose your cruising wonderland, each with its own magical allure, in some of the world’s most exotic sailing destinations. The Far East awaits with Thailand’s sparkling beachfront resorts and skyscraping limestone spires rising from an emerald sea. The South Pacific beckons with its breathtaking collage of palm-fringed beaches and colorful coral reefs— met with the warmest of hospitality. While the Seychelles offer a unique paradise of otherworldly, secluded isles, giant tortoises and rare sea birds. Whatever your choice, these far-off islands will tempt you to return again and again.

Nowhere else has a tropical destination been so sought after than the waters of the South Pacific. While exploring this sprawling area of diverse islands, you will find yourself drawn to Tahiti’s pristine diving conditions, Bora Bora’s famous lagoon, and the beautiful temples of Tonga.

The Indian Ocean offers a bounty of breathtaking sights, but none quite like The Seychelles, a group of granite and coral islands off the coast of East Africa. Cruise through azure waters to experience an untouched landscape filled with vibrant flora, exotic wildlife and geological formations like the Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll.

A Thailand yacht charter is a voyage to a tropical Eden, where stone pinnacles rise from an emerald-colored sea, and strange open-air caves await exploration. Experience the exotic shores aboard a kayak or stand up paddle board amongst colourful coral and vibrant fish. Head ashore and you can try the acclaimed local cuisine.

Come aboard and escape the ordinary. Something extraordinary awaits in all of these exceptional exotic destinations.

Anastasia Stebner

Yacht Sales Marketing