Interview: Catch a glimpse of Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the destinations we can’t help but swoon about when we think of it. Time to get to know French Polynesia a little bit better with our base manager Patricia Hubbard.

Hello Patricia, thank you for taking the time to chat with us.
You started working at the base many years ago — how did you start out in the yachting industry?

Well, I started out 22 years ago... I spend the first 9 years only with Sunsail and the last 13 years working for both Sunsail and The Moorings. In the beginning, I worked as a hostess/cook for private boats in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, until my family and myself made the decision to sail to Tahiti onboard our schooner.


Have you always been based in Tahiti, French Polynesia?

I've been yachting all over the globe however I have been lucky enough to call this island home since 1998!

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Have the islands always been popular or did they grow significantly as a yachting destination over the recent years??

The Tahitian Islands were popular as a legend, but have been quite difficult to access from Europe. We've been getting more and more yachting interest over the last 15 years due to the low level of sailing experience needed thanks to many channel markers installed all over the main islands.


How would you describe the sailing conditions to our owners?

The sailing conditions are good in the trade wind season, with an average of 15kn SW winds, but in the rainy season, it’s mostly calm. The lagoon is easily accessible by large passes, and inside the lagoon, the markers help to stay away from the coral heads.


Tahiti is seen as one of the most exotic places there is on the earth, we’ve all seen the dreamy images but aside from that, it’s pretty much a mystery for those that haven’t been (yet), what makes Tahiti such a pristine destination?

Customers are amazed by the very few other boats they find at anchorages, the advantage of sailing in the lagoons is to anchor anywhere along the inside part of the reef, ( except at Bora Bora where mooring buoys are mandatory); Customers also enjoy the friendly Tahitian people and the ultimate relaxed lifestyle.



Other than the splashing around in the ultra-clear waters, what is a real must-see or must-do when sailing in French Polynesia?

Snorkelling the coral gardens is like swimming in an aquarium, the best snorkelling you'll do! Whilst onshore make sure to visit the vanilla plantation and the black pearl farm. The Polynesian temples are also amazing, rent an e-bike to get around the islands easily and take in the wonderful sights. Don't forget Taputapuatea marae, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! 


Besides the magnificent location, why should our owners choose Tahiti as a base to have their yacht managed at?

First of all, we have an excellent base staff team ready to greet you and help you with everything you need, we provide great maintenance, your yacht will enjoy strong resale values and let's be honest owning a yacht in Tahiti will give you the best reason to come visit and make it the trip of a lifetime!

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One last question, how much time would you advise our owners to come spend sailing in Tahiti?

I would say Owners should come at least 2 weeks, and many European owners come for 10 weeks. They come over in September so they really have the time to visit the islands, meet the people and soak up the culture!


Thank you so much Patricia, it was a pleasure speaking with you. I wish you a superb season in Tahiti this year!

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Discover more of what awaits you in Tahiti in the video below!




Olivia Omoyi

Yacht Sales Marketing - UK